We highlight from “Divine Mother”

13 de septiembre de 2014

• Let us pay homage to the Divine Mother who with her warm love accompanies us through our existence, freeing us from the rebellions of Satan. In her warmth and mercy, we got hope, wisdom, temperance and all those gifts that generously give us the divinities and masters who accompany us.

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What should we do in these times of distress?

13 de septiembre de 2014

We must strive to feel the love that our Heavenly Father gives us every moment, blessing us to help us to progress. We must not stumble in this time when the exit is so close. Pray, we must pray fervently and frequently, waiting for the coming of the Lamb, united with the appropriate devotion, feeling in our hearts the great joy and happiness attained by the knowledge of the great promise of God, implicit in the observance of His mandate. Then, let us overfill the cup of love and wisdom, to be worthy before His presence. Let us pray with an elevated heart to perceive his energy, his light and the consolation in the redeemer hope.

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To find that clean path

9 de septiembre de 2014

Running in the maelstrom of life, man shortens his days, filling them with wickedness and bad intentions. That is why, already finished the time and with no hope of repentance, the evil men, with hearts hardened by pride and wickedness, making mockery of the helpless, of the poor and of the hungry, will find their punishment. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Fruits of Obedience

1 de agosto de 2014

Every time obedience shows up, we see that the word of God has fallen over good soil and its fruits produce good seeds, that when sowed, will improve in quality and will stabilize the harmony of those souls that strive to reach higher worlds and heavens. We understand that there are things that make us doubt and question the knowledge we have so far, but it is necessary to achieve those goals in order to determine the degree of dignity of each one of those who follow God and are willing to make Him place his eyes on those that with honesty, patience and devotion find joy in the sacred wait of the near meeting which we are so close to receive as a reward for the obedience that He has asked from us. Culminating the right time at the current conditions of the world, we must take care of our clothes, thoughts, sensations and feelings, because the spirit must be attentive to give charity, love, understanding and give the friendly hand of forgiveness and wisdom to the beings who, having lost, have found the correct path of salvation of a loving father who gives them this opportunity. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

The Great Privilege

29 de julio de 2014

Many of us have the great privilege of being Christians fulfilling God’s purpose to follow his Son Jesus; therefore, being in such exalted care, we must dignify this call received by grace.

 We all should be examples of light for those blind ones who seek a hand in the darkness of their lives. We know we must make great sacrifices to overcome the invisible enemy who stalks us at every moment, making us stumble in the vicissitudes of the daily life, making us doubt and err. But, as each day a Christian falls and rises, another is standing, making an effort to catch those souls who want to eat the bread of wisdom and nourish their spirit with it, to go to the help of those in need. The word of God is not hushed. Lee el resto de esta entrada »