The way of triumph

24 de agosto de 2014

Facing the disastrous state in which the world lives today, sometimes, for so much grief and especially for so much suffering that does not represent spiritual advancement, the righteous also laments himself as the waiting seems endless. Sometimes, it is felt the anguish of living in chaos and fear before the circumstances that nobody longer controls despite beautiful speeches and good intentions… many of them apparent. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

The abyss of time

24 de agosto de 2014


In the darkness of the deep abyss of the time of the end, where mankind has made scorn of all the things God gave them to progress in spirit and in flesh, man has rejected virtues, has rejected the commandments God gave them for their guidance and for their exaltation. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Forgotten words

1 de agosto de 2014

When man turns his back on God and fills himself with pride, his path becomes rougher and more painful. Men have forgotten the word goodness, the word mercy and the word love. They wander, empty, poisonous, through the way of life, carrying the burden of their deepest miseries of which they will have to repent when the Lord comes in his magnificence and justice.

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Our attitude for these times

30 de julio de 2014

All times are difficult for the evolving souls, but currently these are times extremely difficult for people who yearn for immortality in the love of Jesus Christ. These longings are sometimes not authentic because they are not supported by a personal effort but only by the illusory desire, which leads to negligence, to think wrongly, for example, only about how good God is, forgetting about his justice. Many think that there is no damnation, because God is so good that no one will be judged for damnation. In support of their interpretations, they argue that the Bible has been tampered and that there is no punishment for the offender, because God is love. They say aloud, God is love!, but they do not even mutter, “He is also justice.” Lee el resto de esta entrada »

The Great Privilege

29 de julio de 2014

Many of us have the great privilege of being Christians fulfilling God’s purpose to follow his Son Jesus; therefore, being in such exalted care, we must dignify this call received by grace.

 We all should be examples of light for those blind ones who seek a hand in the darkness of their lives. We know we must make great sacrifices to overcome the invisible enemy who stalks us at every moment, making us stumble in the vicissitudes of the daily life, making us doubt and err. But, as each day a Christian falls and rises, another is standing, making an effort to catch those souls who want to eat the bread of wisdom and nourish their spirit with it, to go to the help of those in need. The word of God is not hushed. Lee el resto de esta entrada »