The beginning of the end

9 de septiembre de 2014

In this beginning of the end, we address you with the aim of opening your consciousness and your desire to follow God with your entire heart, feeling and intention. When we make a decision we must do it firmly, with conviction and enthusiasm. God is watching those who are looking eagerly to get to that place where they will be presented at the great feast of the marriage of the Lamb. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Warriors of Light

19 de agosto de 2014

In the passage of time where the man goes by, walking incessantly by the paths of life, his spirit looks with concern that encounter with God that he once craved. Today we see that many prople, very similar to this man, have sought refuge in different religions and places where the love of God is manifested, filling the souls of those who want to meet Him one day, to feel that eternal joy that is so longed at this time of pain. Behold, see how the man transgresses every kind of things, there is not the slightest respect for life, for the love of family, for the beings of this earth. It is sad to see how men destroy themselves despite the insistent calls of angels and masters. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Let us be worthy of God

30 de julio de 2014

Speaking of times without times, we see that there is a void in the minds of humanity. These minds, dedicated to things without transcendence, eagerly seek to spend time in feasts and covens that will only bring, in the end of days, sadness and desolation. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Final showdown

29 de julio de 2014

The world has fallen in the last hour, in which beings will be defined according to their tendencies to face the final moment that will decide their salvation or destruction.

With real grief God looks at people, those creatures which He gave life with so much love and He sees, with real amazement, the capacity developed by these beings for transgress and exacerbate all of their defects and inner demons. We also see that, despite all the calls from different denominations, from different shapes and different sounds, alerting them to open this consciousness, that in sleep makes them lose the true meaning of life, they do not give importance to this wonderful gift.

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